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REVIVE Organic Lip Balm design facing
REVIVE Organic Lip Balm design facing
REVIVE Organic Lip Balm split front
REVIVE Organic Lip Balm front facing
REVIVE Organic Lip Balm product from overhead





We aim to make high-quality organic skincare products approachable to as many people, lifestyles, and skin types as possible.

REVIVE Lip Balm is a blend of 21 intentionally selected certified organic botanical extracts formulated to awaken the senses, heal & protect the lips.

Activate the accordion below to read more about each ingredient in our REVIVE Lip Balm.



Commentaires des clients

Sur la base de 4 avis
Kim (Oshkosh, US)
Love this Revive Lip Balm!!

Since retirement, I very rarely use regular lipstick. Lip balms for moisturizing my “mature” lips are now the only regular part of my lip routine. I am so glad I tried Revive! This lip balm has such a wonderfully smooth feel on my lips—and it lasts! Some others I have tried are either too dry and hard, or they start out OK, but get harder and drier as time goes on. But Revive Lip Balm seems to remain consistent. I enjoy breathing in the scent that emanates from the mixture of all those essential oils as well. It’s refreshing, but also calming. Great product!!!

Deb (Lone Rock, US)

I have tried tons of lip moisturizers and finally found a product that keeps my lips moist for hours. Revive lip balm has a subtle scent with all-important essential oils. It is fast-absorbing and just plain feels good. Love, Love, Love this product!

Anonymous (Madison, US)
This lip balm just became my new go-to!

I've been using lip balms for most of my life. Growing up in the Midwest means that lip balm use is almost a necessity in the winter but I have liked what they offer in the summer too. This one goes on easy and smooth. It isn't too sticky or too glossy and will stay on for most of the day which isn't my typical experience with lip balms. Usually I find that I need to reapply every couple of hours. It is peppermint forward with herbal/floral undertones. If my lips are particularly chapped I find that it's quite relieving/soothing. I'm excited to give this one a try this summer boating and hiking. Loving the lip balm so far!

Kelsey N
Chronic Lip Balm User

So I have lip masks/balms/oils everywhere from the house to the car and in every coat and purse. And this one surprised me. I noticed the effects the best when I was smacking my lips hours into the day, at a time I thought I’d have to reapply like I do with other ones. Nope. Still silky smooth and moisturized. Highly recommend.



Icône Synergetic à double extraction

Synergetic Dual-Extract

Les phytonutriments hydrosolubles et les huiles essentielles sont recombinés avec des oligo-éléments purifiés d'origine naturelle. Ils conservent les signatures énergétiques propres à chaque champignon.

Icône d'approvisionnement éthique et durable

Approvisionnement éthique et durable

Nos champignons sont récoltés à l'état sauvage ou cultivés de manière éthique et durable dans des fermes familiales d'Amérique du Nord. Fabriqué dans le nord-ouest du Pacifique, aux États-Unis.

Pas de synthétiques ou d'isolats Icon

Pas de produits synthétiques ou isolés

Pas de produits synthétiques ou d'isolats, uniquement des champignons tels que vous les connaissez. 100% de corps fructifiés de champignons. Sans amidon, mycélium ou céréales ajoutés.

Icône bioactive et biodisponible

Bioactif et biodisponible

Les extraits spagyriques maintiennent l'équilibre nutritionnel et énergétique naturel de chaque espèce de champignon, maximisant ainsi les propriétés bioactives et biodisponibles.

Icône approuvée par le praticien

Approuvé par les praticiens

Les praticiens font confiance à la qualité et au soutien de leurs pratiques croissantes.

Le bien-être dans chaque goutte Icône

Le bien-être dans chaque goutte

La bonté que vous pouvez goûter. L'équilibre que vous pouvez ressentir. Le bien-être dans chaque goutte.


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